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Everything You Need To Know About Men's Loafers

by Waqas Yawar on August 11, 2022

The men's loafer is a popular and timeless classic that has been enjoyed by gentlemen around the world for many years. This type of shoe was first created in 1926 and has been evolving ever since. The loafer is a slip-on shoe with no laces that was designed by Raymond Lewis Wildsmith of London-based bespoke shoe company Wildsmith Shoes. This shoe was initially called the 582, then the Model 98 until finally becoming known as ‘The Wildsmith Loafer’.

The loafer has Scandinavian origins. A shoemaker from Aurland, Norway designed the loafer in 1908. The loafer was originally worn by Norwegian farmers. In 1930, the shoemaker developed his design based on Native American footwear and the moccasin-like shoe traditionally worn by the workers of his home. The loafer became known throughout Europe. In 1934, a Maine-based shoemaker released its version of the shoemaker's shoe and named it Weejun because of its Norwegian inspiration.

Penny Loafer

The penny loafer is a variation of the loafer that became popular in the 1950s. The shoe gets its name from the tradition of slipping a penny into the leather strap on the shoe. This was said to bring good luck. The penny loafer is still a popular style today and can be found in many different materials, colors, and designs.

Tassel Loafer

The tassel loafer is a classic style of loafer that has been around for many years. This type of loafer typically has a leather upper with a tassel on the vamp. The tassel adds a touch of sophistication to the shoe and can dress up any outfit.

Gucci Loafer

The Gucci loafer is a more modern take on the classic tassel loafer. This style of loafer has a leather or suede upper with a metal horsebit detail on the vamp.

Driving Moccasin

The driving moccasin is another popular type of loafer. This style of shoe was designed to be worn while driving and has a leather or suede upper with rubber soles.

Horse bit Loafer

The horse bit loafer is similar to the Gucci loafer but does not have the metal horse bit detail on the vamp. The slipper is a type of loafer that is designed to be worn indoors. Slippers typically have a leather or fabric upper and a rubber sole.

The loafer is a versatile shoe that can be worn with both casual and formal attire. The leather loafer is a popular choice for men who want a shoe that looks great with a suit or dress pants. The handmade leather loafers are especially popular because of their high quality and unique designs. There are many different styles of loafers available on Adri Shoes, so it is easy to find the perfect pair for any outfit. Whether you are looking for a classic leather loafer or a more modern take on the style, there is sure to be a loafer that is perfect for you.


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