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Care and Maintenance

How to care for your footwear?

Here are a few tips for getting the best from your footwear.


Remember to clean and protect your shoes regularly using the correct product.

Always make sure you are using the appropriate shoe care product for your footwear.

Follow the instructions and test any product in an inconspicuous area first.

Top Tips!

  • Never machine wash your shoes.
  • None of our footwear is waterproof unless clearly stated.
  • If your shoes do get soggy let them dry naturally (stuffing with newspaper can help them keep their shape) and avoid any artificial heat at all costs.
  • Heavily dyed leather uppers are not colorfast and some dye transfer may occur.
  • Never use sharp objects on or near your shoes.


Just like your own skin needs moisturizing, leather needs some love and care too. You can protect them from the odd unexpected shower and stains with a water resistant protector spray. Keep uppers supple and buff away scuffs and scrapes with a colored polish, clear dubbin or conditioning cream.

Coated Leather

Often coated and waxy leathers will appear marked, fear not! This is just the natural variations in the material and can often disappear if you gently rub the area with a clean thumb to redistribute the waxy coating. You can also top up waxy or oily finishes by buffing the uppers with a clear dubbin or waxed leather conditioner.


Whether your shiny new shoes are made with patent leather or glossy man made material, they can be taken care of with a wipe from a clean damp cloth to get rid of any dirt. Try buffing with a clean dry cloth to restore that shine.

Suede and Nubuck

These luxurious materials will need some care and attention. Look after your suede and nubuck shoes with a water resistant protector spray and clean gently with a suede cleaning block. 


Soft and versatile, fabric shoes can be cleaned with a foam cleaner but be careful and remember to treat them as well as you would your feet.